Lendo Group is a place for everyone. We have a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, and there is room for you to do things your way and be the best version of your self.



We operate in three Scandinavian markets – Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The Story of Lendo Group

Lendo Group has a strong position in Scandinavia. We are a responsible market leader that work hard each day to make loans easy to understand. To reach our goals we want to:

  • Grow ambitious Employees
  • Strengthen the core business
  • Develop new products

For our journey, we need more great people onboard in all areas. Look out for open positions if you want to be a part of creating the best financial services marketplace in Europe!

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Our Values

Win as a Team

At Lendo Group, we believe that we can only be #1 if we work together. We help each other grow by sharing, supporting and setting high expectations. We learn from our mistakes and have fun while we win.

Customer Centric

At Lendo Group, we put the customer first when making decisions. We reach our goals by providing value, transparency and simplicity to our users. We avoid internal politics.

Always Improve

At Lendo Group, we maintain a curious mind while setting our ambitions high. We work smart and try hard. We celebrate testing new ideas and insights are our guide to success.

Focus on Execution

At Lendo Group, we think better done than perfect. We keep our energy high and focus on the few things that make the biggest difference. We put the DO in Lendo.

Meet some of our people


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Data & Analytics


Business Analyst


Customer service


Performance marketing


Backend Engineer

Our open positions

Lendo Group Tech


At Lendo Group Tech, we build the digital solutions that are the Lendo Group sites and the Lendo Group products in all our markets. We take pride in building solutions that differentiates us in the market. 

Our Market teams build our market solutions for adaptability and speed in their own market.

Our Platform is a product that we manage through product management processes.

Our Platform teams build the platform for our expansion so we can expand quickly and efficiently into new markets and new products.

Lendo Group tech also takes pride in our engineering culture. We have open-minded, agile, and cross-functional teams that love to solve problems and innovate! At Lendo Group, everyone can have an impact. Our tech teams work closely with the business, directly contributing to continuously improving our products. 

We use modern techstack such as Kubernetes, Docker, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, GCP, CI/CD. We build, design, and optimize Go microservices to make them reusable for Lendo Group in multiple countries. Our Frontenders work with technologies such as React and Javascript.


Expansion & Growth



When we launch the Lendo Group concept in new markets, we like to challenge the status quo. Lendo Group manages to do this with our top tier tech team, experienced management, and truly entrepreneurial business and product specialists. Our bank partners embrace technological development and join us to make life better for regular people.

In the early stages of new product and market launches, the expansion team, with support from central intelligence functions, conducts thorough research to identify promising opportunities. The research process is a constant work in progress that focuses on Lendo Group’s ability to make a real difference for consumers and its ability to generate a profit in the long run. Our rollout methodology is agile and light. Lendo Group always aims to maximise our learnings per invested penny quota. The goal at Lendo Group is to become the market leader in all new countries