Meet our employees

Feven Habtu works as Performance Marketing Lead at the Lendo  office in Stockholm. She recently was acknowledged as the “Up and comer” of the year 2021 at our latest Lendo Awards in November, an internal festive evening acknowledging talents in Lendo. One of the reasons why she appreciates working in Lendo is the teamwork, knowledge sharing among colleagues and that there is an opportunity to learn new things every day. Learn more about Feven in this short interview.  

– Hi Feven! What is your role at Lendo and for how long have you worked in Lendo?

I started at Lendo almost 2 years ago as a Performance Marketing Manager, working hands-on with performance marketing channels. I recently started my new role as Performance Marketing Lead which also includes leading the great performance marketing managers in our team.

– You recently won a prize at the Lendo Awards for being the “Up and comer” of the year, what do you think contributed to this? 

Honestly I was quite surprised when I won, but looking back at my contribution during my time at Lendo I think knowledge sharing might have been a contributing factor. A lot of Lendo:ers have shown such a big interest in performance marketing and I love to share what I know. 

– Tell us shortly about the team? 

My team is the Performance marketing team for Sweden and we manage all performance marketing channels in house. The team will soon consist of a SEO manager and two performance marketing managers. We are a team with different backgrounds and different interests. Besides our great expertise in performance marketing we love to discuss sports, drinks and food 🙂 

– What do you appreciate about working in Lendo? 

The teamwork and company culture! I feel we all have a clear understanding of company vision and goals which makes teamwork easy and fun. 
I also appreciate the knowledge sharing across teams and I feel that there is so much opportunity to learn new things every day.