Why choose Lendo?

Lendo decreases the information asymmetry between the customers and the banks. We enable transparency by comparing lenders, which can be complicated done on its own, with lots of varying options and different cost overviews. Lendo creates this comparison so that the customer can choose the best offer presented.

Lendo helps people take control of their personal economy
and make better and more informed decisions.

Matching the right customer with the right bank is

what we do every day with our products.

Our Products

We are committed to constantly innovate and improve our products. We believe a customer-centric approach is central in all decision-making. Therefore, we always put our customers first.

Over time this has led to a comprehensive offering to our customers, presented with a broad portfolio of products that creates significant and correct volumes for our bank partners.

Consumer loans - unsecured


Consumer loans - secured


Business loans

Credit card

Personalised services


Lendo is continuously working to provide additional features/services to give customers insights and understand their personal finance. Examples of such features are provided through different channels such as the web and/or apps in different countries:

My debt is a product that gives customers an overview of their debt. The information is based on numbers from different third-party providers, such as the debt registry in Norway.

My economy is a service that gives you an overview of balances and transactions in and out of accounts, which also shows what you have left in the month.

Credit check is a feature to check your own credit score. A good credit score can lower your interest rate when applying for a loan and refinancing debt.Banks are required to credit check everyone applying for a loan. This check includes variables such as current debt, income, and assets and whether you have any payment notes.The sum of this gives you a credit score, which either indicates low or high risk for lending you money and price the loan interest accordingly.