Together with our partners, Lendo Group has built a platform for digitizing markets. We aim to shape the global digitalization of financial services together.

Our ambition is to keep being the best digital platform connecting lenders and consumers. We want to empower lenders to acquire the right customers and high volumes – and consumers to make smart decisions.

We are the leading player in the Nordics and expanding to new markets at a rapid pace. We collaborate with more than 120 banks and financial institutions. Our goal is to increase our partners’ top and bottom line results, and our “no cure, no pay model” ensures that our goals are always aligned with our partners’.

Why work with Lendo Group?


By sending information to different banks and show the customer all the offers, Lendo Group creates transparency.

Desired Customers

Our bank partners define their desired customer profile within our platform based on filters. Thus, the bank will only receive relevant applications and volume.


We don’t prioritize any banks or promote any special offers, thus we operate as a credible and trustworthy partner.


By striving to make our integrations more frictionless and automated, we are flexible to be innovative and continuously improving our service
in the market.


With our PSD2 license we can use data in an innovative way. This gives us a data-driven approach to offer the right product to our customers and develop new product offerings.

Some of our partners