Lendo Norway

Lendo is a comparison service of several different products. Lendo Norway offers comparison of consumer loans, refinancing, car loans, mortgages and credit cards. Lendo Norway is located at Tøyen in Oslo. We work in several different departments such as Marketing, Tech, Product, Insight, Partner and Customer Service.

Partner team 

Our partners are everything to us, without our bank partners Lendo could not function. Our Partner team works closely with all our existing partners to support their growth ambitions while simultaneously ensuring that our customers feel secure that they have the broadest and most representative set of borrowing options in the market available. We work closely with several banks, existing and possible new ones, so the customers will have more offers to choose from. 

Product team

On lendo.no we not only offer comparison on consumer loans and refinancing anymore, the last couple of years the product team have worked with and expanded the product offerings. We now offer comparisons on credit cards, car loans and mortgages, so that the customers can get even better offers on all their different products.

In our product team we have a product owner for each of our products, who performs user tests on existing, but also on new functions. Their aim is to make the product as user friendly as possible, and make the web page and application flow better for new and existing customers. Our ambition is to make personal finance easy and understandable for everyone!

Costumer service team

Our customer service team is about ten people who everyday help customers with their needs, everything from application to other questions. We are focused on being available for our customers, therefore our aim is to have a short waiting time, help them fast and the best we can. To meet the customers where they feel comfortable, we are available on several different platforms, such as email, telephone and chat.

We are very proud to say that our Customer Service team has won the Customer Service Awards two times in a row in our class.


Marketing team

At the marketing team in Norway there are four people working with all from branding, SEM, SEO, to social media and sponsorships. The core of our marketing is that the banks fight for the customers by giving them the best offers. We feel that with competition, we can give the customers the best offer.

We also believe in helping our customers in other ways, therefore we have started a campaign called Talk about your debt (“Snakk om gjeld”). We know that 1 in 10 Norwegians have financial problems. It’s normal, but it’s also shameful. Therefore, most people hide their problems. And when we do not face our problems, and are not open about them – we do not do anything about them either. So we encourage people to talk about their debt, and look at opportunities for them to save money by refinancing expensive debt.

Insight team

At Lendo we work very data driven, and our insight team is involved in almost all of our projects. They can easily confirm or deny hypotheses based on numbers. To help everyone in the organization to have a better understanding, we use tools such as Tableau to easily create and give an overview of both ad hoc analysis, but also more general reports.

Tech team

We have a lot of people working in the tech team, both front and back end. The web page and application form are the core of our business, and we put in a lot of effort every day to make it easier and better. The tech team has also made it possible to get information from the dept registry (Gjeldsregisteret) into our own system called Min Gjeld on lendo.no. So the customers can login to Min gjeld and actually see their unsecured debt, and if they would like to, they have the possibility to apply for refinancing.