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Meet Garun 

Meet Garun Awasthi, working as SRE (Site Reliability Engineer/ Tech Lead) at Lendo in Stockholm. Garun started in 2022 and this short interview he shares his insights about Lendo, the work and the people, as well as a message to future employees. Learn more about Garun in this short interview

Garun, tell us about your background and what you did before you joined Lendo?

– I was born and raised in India and spent most of my time playing cricket with my brothers and friends and yes studying as well.
My family (wife Anju and daughter Arya) moved a couple of years ago to Stockholm and we are enjoying a vibrant Stockholm life.
Since I love working with people, the roles I have worked are all about collaboration, sharing knowledge and achieving goals as a team.
It has been quite a journey as I started working in tech 14+ years ago and got the opportunity to work in different countries in multiple roles like application administrator, lead, architect, manager and for the past few years working as SRE and SRE lead.

What are you working with at Lendo?
– I am working with the SRE team and have super amazing colleagues. We, as a team, support each other and have fun together while discussing different cuisines, electronic gadgets, nature and biking 😂.

We are the owner of the infrastructure hosting all of the global markets.
It is exciting and challenging to be part of a team where we work with tech teams to resolve incidents and implement SRE practices to be better each day. 
We are constantly adapting and implementing SREngineering principles which serve us best and enable our tech teams for faster and reliable services deployment so that our customers can have a smooth and unique experience while visiting our sites.

What do you like most about Lendo ? What are you most looking forward to in this new year ?
– Everything 🙂, our people are the smartest techies and it is quite an amazing experience to get the support and encouragement of our CIO and TLT (Tech Leadership Team) for the ideas which I shared.
We truly believe in “Win as a team” core value and everything we do is inspired by this, it is reflected in each meetings, projects and workshops I have attended.

I would like to mention the diversity as well which we have in our company, recently we completed a complex project and in a team of 10 members 8 are from different countries, isn’t amazing!

This year, we are working on bringing more automation and self service for our tech teams.

What would be your message for our future Lendoers?🌟
– Join a company which has diverse teams, smart people and provides an international environment.
We have a modern tech stack and we believe in execution which means you can roll your ideas to reality as soon as you want.
You get to be part of the Schibsted group and benefited by its offerings as well.