Meet our employees

Nora Metti works as a backend engineer and joined Lendo Sweden in 2022. Placed at the Stockholm Office she tells us her three different reasons for joining Lendo. She also tells us about her team and what she does as a backend engineer.
Learn more about Nora in this short interview.

 Hi Nora! Tell us, why did you choose to work at Lendo?

– The company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation aligns with my desire to continuously learn and grow as a backend engineer. Lendo’s forward-thinking approach not only ensures that I am working with the latest tools and technologies but also provides an exciting environment where innovation is encouraged and embraced.

Furthermore, the flexibility in working arrangements offered by the company played an important role in my decision.

So, in essence, the combination of embracing new technologies and offering flexibility in working arrangements makes Lendo an ideal fit for my career goals, providing an environment that fosters both professional development and a balanced lifestyle.

How would you describe your work as a backend engineer?

– As a backend engineer specialising in the mortgage product of our system, my key responsibilities include building new features in the mortgage segment using Golang with Postgres, from writing the code, making sure it works as intended, to deploying it to the production environment. We use a cloud native stack with kubernetes and other modern tools. 

My role also entails collaborating closely with our frontend engineers and our product owner to ensure a successful implementation and deployment of the new functionalities.

In addition to feature development, I am involved in providing support for the Swedish mortgage product. This includes troubleshooting customer-service-agents reported issues, addressing queries from stakeholders, and ensuring that the system operates smoothly.


Tell us about the team that you work in?

– I am very fortunate to be part of the Swedish mortgage team which is composed of three backend engineers, two frontend engineers, a product-owner and a UX designer. All are highly experienced, very skilled and dedicated.

The willingness of everyone in the team to lend a helping hand and collaborate genuinely has created a positive work environment. Collaboration is the most recurring word in all our retrospectives.


What has been the most exciting thing to work on so far?

– Launching the mortgage product of our platform last year was a vital milestone both for me and for the whole team. 

Witnessing such a milestone and seeing all the collective efforts unfold really brought a sense of accomplishment and pride!