Meet our employees

Meet Nikolai Rud who works at Lendo in Denmark and has been with the company for three years now. He started off working in the customer service team and today he is part of the Partner team in Lendo in Denmark working as a Partner Manager, a career journey he appreciates getting the opportunity to do. In this short interview you will learn more about Nikolai, his role and why he thinks Lendo offers the best from both worlds🌟

Hi Nikolai, for how long have you worked at Lendo? 
– I have worked at Lendo for 3 years now, time flies!

What is your current role? 
– I work as a Partner Manager. That includes many exciting tasks, every day! My primary focus is to improve the relationship with all our bank partners and a small handful of marketing partners. Beside that, I spend a lot of time in a BI-role, trying to come up with new ideas and working out smart and data-based business-decisions.

You have done a journey within Lendo changing position, tell me more about your Lendo journey?
– I started as the first, let’s say “customer service and sales guy” in the Danish department. I really enjoyed my time working in the customer service team since it gave me a unique opportunity to get to know Lendo from a customer perspective. One year ago, I got my first Partner-related responsibility, and since November I have been full time in the Partner team.

What is the best thing now being a part of the Lendo Partner team? 
– On a country-level, I really enjoy being a part of such an important part of the business and being in touch with all our important partners every day. Also, I really appreciate the global partner team, with so many great and talented people.

Any particular memories in Lendo that would be interesting to share?
– My first job interview! The CEO showed me a picture of his new pair of skis, before he introduced himself. It made me think “I want to work here. Now”. I loved the relaxed and friendly environment.

What do you appreciate about working in Lendo overall? 
– I think the best thing about working in Lendo is that I get the best from both worlds. On the one hand, I am a part of a big organisation with so many resources, and on the other hand, I work in a scale-up company, waking up every day knowing: I will learn something new today.