Meet our employees

Meet Kjersti Strypet, she works as a customer consultant in Lendo Norge and has been within Lendo since January 2024. She tells us what a typical day looks like and her reason for joining Lendo. Learn more about Kjersti in this interview.

Hi Kjersti, what is your current position in Lendo? And tell us, why did you choose to work at Lendo?

– Hello, I am a customer consultant based in the Oslo office working with customer service. I joined Lendo due to my genuine interest in the industry and its well-established reputation. Having prior experience in customer service, I think Lendo has a great way of approaching customer relations and it’s particularly rewarding to be able to follow customers from the beginning to the end of their journey and assist the customer in making wise financial decisions.

How would you describe your team?

– We have a lot of fun working together. I like that we’re about the same age. Our team is composed of motivated individuals who are knowledgeable in their respective areas. We complement each other’s strengths and skills, and we’re always willing to lend a helping hand to one another. When we work together, it creates a friendly and supportive place where everyone thrives and develops . 


What are you currently working on?

– Since I started in January, I have been handling the systems and routines here at the customer centre. This month we are focusing on refinancing applications. Our primary aim is to empower our customers to maximise their savings. On a typical day we start off by assisting customers who wish to make changes to their applications. After that we call customers with an active application to help them through the process if they have any questions. In addition to outgoing calls we also have customers on incoming calls with a lot of different questions. We take turns each week managing incoming emails, chats, and Trustpilot reviews, with each of us being responsible for it for one day. We also work on a follow-up plan both individually and on a weekly basis with customers who have already selected an offer. 


Why is working with customer service in Lendo and our industry interesting to you?

– A lot of people are insecure when it comes to loans, especially consumer loans and credit cards. Many associate it with something to be ashamed of. Therefore our work is important for customers because they can call, chat and mail us with every kind of question. It’s reassuring to our customers that we are guiding them through the whole process. We are also the connection between the customer and the different banks to find the best possible solution. To be a part of the solution is a great motivation. People are very thankful for actually talking to a person and not just a robot like we usually see in everyday life right now. Lendo holds strong principles and places great emphasis on transparency, which fosters trust among customers and that is fun to be a part of.

For people thinking about joining Lendo, what would you say is the best thing about working in Lendo?

– The best thing about working here is the working environment. Everyone helps each other and what impressed me the most when I first started working here was how friendly and welcoming, not just my team, but everyone at the office was.