Meet our employees

 works at Lendo as a System Developer and joined Lendo recently at the Stockholm Office. Two of the reasons for joining Lendo, she says in this short interview, was because of the interesting coding assignment and that the colleagues seemed passionate about working at Lendo.

Get to know Dzana Hanic, read more about what working as a system developer at Lendo looks like and why her team is considered to have the best dance moves in all of Lendo.

Why did you choose to work at Lendo?

I choose Lendo for a number of reasons. The interview process was pleasant, the coding assignment was interesting, different and complex, and all of the people I met seemed happy to work for Lendo and were passionate. After the process, I looked forward to working with them and getting to know them. The tech stack was also appealing, a modern cloud-native stack with Go.
I wanted to be part of a journey where the product was contributing to something positive, not just building a business, in this case, helping people make better financial decisions.

What do you work with at Lendo as a system developer?

I work with the entire back-end tech stack. From applicant and application management services to bank and partner integrations and later offer comparisons and aggregations. It’s quite a comprehensive stack built using cloud-native practices in Golang, with Postgres, Kubernetes and other modern tooling.

Tell us about the team that you work in?

My team is called Team Global, and we focus on the Portuguese and Spanish markets in Lendo. We are currently four back-end and three front-end developers, but even though we work on separate parts of the system, we work together all the time.
A fun fact: we were named as the team with the best dance moves at Lendo Awards. 

What has been the most exciting thing to work on so far?

Since I joined, the entire onboarding process was quite fun, understanding the tech stack, building the first integrations from scratch, and, most importantly, working with talented and enthusiastic coworkers who share the humble and engineering spirit. 

As learning and knowledge sharing is a big part of Lendo. I have also recently joined the GCP ambassadors programme at Lendo Tech. Our SRE team created a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Ambassadors program to show our dev teams new best practices for infrastructure and tooling. We would be more comfortable managing our own infrastructure and better understand how all our services interact. It’s an excellent opportunity to do things I usually don’t.