Meet our employees

Lendo is on an expansion journey entering markets in Europe, and Portugal is one of Lendo’s newest market entries. Bruno Araujo, a Portuguese entrepreneur and CEO of the Lendo merger Comparamais, and also the country manager for the Lendo team in Portugal. The platform was recently released in Portugal, so we wanted to take the temperature of how things are going for the Portuguese team. We asked Bruno in a short interview to share some of his experiences so far.  

Hi Bruno! What was the best experience of launching Lendo in Portugal?

Portugal is the first market where Lendo has not commenced operations directly but rather invested in an existing local player (Comparamais). The best experience was working in partnership with the Lendo teams and adapting the Lendo product to the market and seeing how it performs alongside our previous product.

What does the team working on this project look like?

We’ve really been lucky to have been able to draw on a lot of Lendo’s resources to launch in Portugal. Alongside the local team, we worked collaboratively with colleagues from Expansion, Tech, UX, Compliance, Privacy, Legal and Commercial.

What are you looking forward to in the next couple of months? 

Growth! We think we have a really great and unique product in Portugal so now our mission is to market it successfully and customize and improve it as we get more user feedback.

How will the Lendo service impact the Portuguese market?

The best thing about the Lendo proposition is that it provides transparency, convenience and simplicity to the customer when applying for a personal loan. Currently, in Portugal, most brokers recommend only one loan to the customer before collecting documents over email or Whatsapp. The Lendo platform puts the customer back in charge of choosing what they prefer which is a significantly better and more empowering proposition.