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Meet Cecilie Gerber

This is Cecilie Gerber! She works as a customer consultant in Lendo Danmark and has been within Lendo since July 2020. One of the coolest things about working in Lendo, Cecilie says, is being part of the customer experience and journey, empowering them in their decision making. She also appreciates the atmosphere at the office and that they have a lot of fun together. Meet Cecilie in this short interview!

Hi Cecilie, what is your current position in Lendo?
I work as a Customer Consultant in Lendo Denmark. I’ve been working here since July 2020 and love being a Lendoer!

How would you describe your team? 
I would describe our team as energetic, committed and efficient. We have a super strong teamwork because of our positive attitude to work and with our different skills, we complement each other very well. Everyone contributes to a good atmosphere in our everyday life and we have such a good and fun time together here at the office and in our free time – which makes working together much easier! 

What are you currently working on?
In addition to advising our customers, being responsible for our trustpilots and communicating with people interacting with our social media, I have recently been focusing on something completely different! In Lendo Denmark we love to compete and therefore we created a competition for the whole team, which was about exercising as much as possible for a whole month. The team welcomed the challenge and everyone fought to be the best. We recently finished the competition and it went so well. Because of this challenge, we incorporated more exercise into our everyday life and the team showed more joy and profit during the working hours. So I think it went very well and it was fun planning and seeing everyone have fun with it. 

Why is working with customer service in Lendo and our industry interesting to you?
The coolest thing about working in Lendo’s customer service and in this industry is being a part of the customers journey. It’s great to be the link between the customer and the bank. We help them get through the process by advising them or contacting the bank if needed. We help a large number of customers everyday to realise their dreams and that’s a great feeling. I have experienced several times that customers make a review on trustpilot where they describe their experience mentioning the advice I gave them. This gives me the best feeling, knowing I’ve been a huge help!

For people thinking about joining Lendo, what would you say is the best thing about working in Lendo?
The team spirit, our organisational structure and our special bond in the Lendo family! 🙂