Meet our employees

Philip Dalsryd Hellqvist works as a Data & Analytics lead at Lendo in Stockholm and he has been within the company for 12 months now. In this short interview you will learn more about Philip and his role. Philip recently held a presentation in an internal training forum called Lendo Talks. In this interview you will also learn more about the key success factors that he shared with us regarding an interesting and important project that he recently completed together with other experts in Lendo. 

Hi Philip, what is your expertise and describe your role in Lendo? 

I work as a Data & Analytics lead, which means I work with pretty much everything related to data here at Lendo, which is a lot. I do everything from managing different cross-functional projects to doing a deep dive into any business related questions we have that can be answered with a mix of data and business knowledge. Besides a love and deep understanding of data and analytics, I would say two areas are more important than anything since you’re working with many different stakeholders and areas of the business. That is to build relationships around the company and to understand the different challenges that exist. 

You recently held an internal presentation at a “Lendo Talks session” about an interesting customer revision project. In brief, what was it about?

Yes, it’s always fun to share what we’ve been working on with the rest of Lendo. This particular project aims to digitize part of our customer journey and in doing so improving our customer experience. So far the results have been very good! 

At Lendo we often work cross functional and cross borders. What were the key success factors related to this particular project? 

I believe our success in this project really comes down to two things, and that is cooperation and inclusion. We have cooperated across several different departments (and countries) and have included a lot of people with different areas of expertise and really worked together letting everyone contribute with what they are best at. 

How would you describe the “Lendo method” for how we improve our service and product? 

We’ve worked with a very iterative and data enabled process meaning we take small steps forward all the time, instead of going for the giant leaps that are a lot more time consuming letting us analyze and adapt our project quickly. 

What do you appreciate about working in Lendo?

The people working here. Lendo is kind of a melting pot for people with different interests and different backgrounds, and together I believe we make this awesome team that is Lendo with so much expertise. I have learnt so much from my colleagues since starting at Lendo and I look forward to continuing both my personal and Lendo’s journey in the future.